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Moving Concert is an ethical streaming platform from Switzerland that comes as close as possible to the real concert feeling. We do not collect user data.

Hello all,

thank you very much for your interest in this engagement. We would like to tell you briefly what happened and what will happen.

In November 2020 at the Climathon, the concept was born. From December 2020 to February 2021, our online marketing and Startnext campaign ran. Both were little clicked or visited. The Startnext campaign failed. However, through the experience we were able to reflect and find out what such a campaign actually has to be able to do in order to really catche and at the same time explain what we are doing.

We're going to continue and we're going to show up at the next Baselhack with a finished design prototype in order to get developers to implement it together with us. And then, hopefully, at some point, a very noble service will emerge that will bring our concerts online simply and fairly to the living room stage.

Because the concept has just as much relevance for AFTER-CORONA, because since the pandemic, people are looking even more for solutions on how to ideally bring people together online.

All the love to you guys. :)

Stay tuned.
Sabrina and Jana


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